About us

In this internet frenzy world, it is imperative to have a website or a blog. It could be for a business, an organization, personal thoughts or just to collaborate virtually, but no matter what the reason, websites have become absolutely essential. And to own a website, the two basic requirements are hosting and domain.
That’s where KZN comes in; we provide an affordable and optimum option for web hosting.
There are various service providers, but there are certain limitations to their hosting packages and platforms. KZN Web Hosting was specifically designed to make sure we are able to come over those shortcomings. Because for an average user, it could be a major expense and might not be able to achieve the optimum return. The additional cost to add Memory, Bandwith, Processes, Add-on domains eats on the profit expected to be earned from the website.

To keep pace with the world and to maintain a website, it is necessary to have a hosting platform that allows websites to grow. The server uptime and bandwidth allocation are important to keep the website searchable and avoiding penalization from search engines. From an SEO point of view, these are important aspects. People usually don’t consider this but if the website takes long to upload for a user, then the website is pushed lower down on search results.

KZN Web Hosting is ideal for people looking to host around 1 or 2 or more websites or blogs. We have a simple package that provides:
• Full Cpanel access
• 5 Addon Domains
• Around 9GB of disk space

At the heart of it, is complete customer support. We understand that everyone buying web hosting is not essentially that tech-savvy, so our product is user-friendly and our customer support is ready to help.

We look forward to making a difference in the vast space of internet and help people create amazing websites and blogs!